Are you a Seeker or Soul Searcher who has worked on yourself forever but isn't any closer to finding the Truth?

Have you spent a lot of time and money on courses that promised a lot, but didn't deliver?

Do you know deep in your heart there's more to life, but there's a missing piece you can't quite grasp?


Hi, I'm Pia Lindgren. 

I'm a Soul Alchemist whose purpose in life is to empower people to find their wings so they can be who they truly are in the world. To live with purpose. Joy. Authenticity. Free of ego, in the present moment.

As part of our human journey, most of us want to get away from the present moment, consciously or not. We can't be still because we're afraid to feel. So we choose to distract ourselves in many different ways.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

You are not broken! There is nothing to fix! You are enough! You are an amazing, beautiful spark of divine energy… a beautiful soul. 

I know because I've discovered this for myself, the long and tumultuous way. My lifetime of seeking has culminated in a coming together of wisdom tools that are powerful, practical, simple, and utterly self-empowering. It's that profound.

The truth is when you no longer wrestle with conflict that comes from your childhood, culture or society, or anything else that makes us behave and think we have to be something we are not, then you can BreakFree!

Free from seeking answers from the outside. Free from patterns that keep you stuck in a life you don't want. You'll be free to experience fullness from within so you can heal the planet. And live with kindness and love towards yourself and others.

From my heart to yours,

How I Work

My Aspect Illumination Method (AIM)
is a unique synthesis of world-class methods that will
help you sit in the eye of the storm, 
grounding in the moment – every moment – no
matter what that may be.



Our personality is made up of many masks. In Voice Dialogue, we refer to these different masks as Parts, Aspects or Selves. Voice Dialogue helps us to illuminate our many Parts so we can let go of self-sabotage and patterns of stuckness to experience true being.



In this East-meets-West offering, I draw from Autogenic Training, philosophies such as Zen meditation, and neurobiology to regulate the mind and body using awareness of body sensations. By moving our bodies out of flight, fight and freeze, we bring ourselves on the road to self-healing.



By understanding the 9 steps of The Human Journey, we move from suffering into soul awakening. This is a simple framework I've developed to explain clearly the wounding many of us experience from birth and our early years, and how we can start to experience the joy of living.

“When we BreakFree and transcend the ego, then we live from our centre and external circumstances don’t rattle us anymore.”

Pia Lindgren is a Danish-born Soul Alchemist. Just like a cat, she’s lived many lives: sculptor, property developer, biodynamic farmer, natural therapist, and multiple award-winning owner of eight KFC franchisees who gave up conventional “success” for a spiritual life. As someone who understands the voice that whispers, “there’s got to be more”, Pia now inspires others to awaken to their true nature through a unique blend of methods. Pia lives in a bohemian gypsy tiny home on a lush property in Australia’s Northern Rivers.

For many years I searched for answers. I went to therapists and psychologists but never really felt I shifted. Pia helped me to find myself and not only that, I am now living a life that I never thought possible. I am at peace now. I am no longer looking for answers. Please don’t hesitate to work with her if you want your life to change.


Understanding the Bingeing Cycle with Pia saved my life and my marriage. I had a porn addiction for years. My addiction was the catalyst to open the door to the underlying issues that were driving the behaviour. Through the work with Pia, I found the part of me that made me the person I am today. The real me.


Pia is not only an extremely competent Voice Dialogue facilitator but also a genuinely caring human being. At a time when I was recovering from sustained narcissistic abuse, Pia was able to apply the Voice Dialogue method in a very effective and understanding way. Some very difficult issues needed to be confronted, and this required a sensitive yet sustained approach. I have no doubt that the work done with Pia was a major contributor to my recovering a normal life. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.