Hear what our clients have to say.

I have been working with Pia and the voice dialogue method for about two years now, and I'd say that understanding how we operate from parts and the different parts within ourselves , we can move things out of the way, that we didn't even know where in the way, and give us a chance of living a fulfilling, enriched life.

It doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen. To give you an example, before I started working with Pia had been dealing with a long term low level chronic illness for over 20 years and had had lots of different medical treatments and whatnot but it was only after working with her for about six months that I was actually on the way to a good strong recovery. I believe that that was because I, within myself, changed as a result of that work and hence I became aware of the real issues with my health and found the right practitioner that could help me with it.

Working with Pia through voice dialogue allows me to keep building and moving towards where I want to be in life and that is a life of fulfilment and doing what I really want to do. I feel that the voice dialogue method as facilitated by Pia allows you to see things within yourself that you didn't even know were there,

Pia as a facilitator would be one of the most switched on, focused, highly skilled, incredibly caring facilitators I've ever come across. I think she is just like 110 percent. She puts all of herself into each session, and you get so much out of every single meeting you have with her. I feel this is a great tool that I'll have for the rest of my life and eternally grateful for Pia and her work. Thank you.

Lisa H.
Sydney, Australia


I am very grateful to the person that recommended her so highly to me. In the time we worked together, I moved to another city, met my loving husband, and started a successful business. This is now 4 years ago. I learned to love my dragon. I can’t recommend Pia and her work highly enough.

Boston, USA


Pia’s background in different personal development and spiritual practices brings such a depth to her work as a Voice Dialogue Facilitator. She has an extraordinary ability to meet people right where they are at and facilitate them in transforming the struggles, pain and heartaches into a life well lived. For many years I searched for answers. I went to therapists and psychologists but never really felt I shifted. It was only till I was recommended Pia and started to work with her that I can honestly say things started to change. We started with me getting to know my many parts and moved into alchemy. I am at peace now. I am no longer looking for answers. Pia helped me to find myself and not only that I am now living a life that I never thought possible. Was it always easy? No. Was it quick? No! But it worked. Please don’t hesitate to work with her if you want your life to change.

Alf Haugen.
Oslo, Norway


Pia has a unique ability to communicate what would be a challenging topic but her understanding of human behaviour and her ability to connect with all types of people and parts makes her an outstanding Facilitator. I believe Pia saved my life. I worked with her in my darkest moments and her ability to help me to shift my mindset and manifest a new life was nothing less that miraculous.

Greg Klopper
Sydney, Australia


Before working with Pia, I was travelling along through life but things were missing. No matter how much personal development work I did, it just didn't quite get me there. I had some gaps in major areas in my life where I wanted movement, but nothing was shifting. My therapist had mentioned to me about Hal & Sidra Stone’s work and recommended one of their books. Then some friends mentioned the work they did with Pia, and I knew it was for me.

In the time I worked with Pia, I have noticed the change in my ability to be with myself. I feel calm and connected to myself in a deep and abiding way. All of the worries I had before seem to be better understood by me and I can contain them. No longer do they have power over me. Others have also noticed too. They can see that I am calmer, stronger and have a sense of presence.

I feel that I'm better equipped to hold and understand all of me and I'm able to love and accept not only myself but others too. I am clearer about the impact things have on me and others and therefore, I'm grounded and secure within myself. I no longer feel at the ache and pain of loneliness as I have the greatest companion in the world: ME.

I am now creating the life I want to live and things are happening for me so quickly that I am in a state of love and gratitude for all the wonders life holds for me.

Nadine Corteling.
Melbourne, Australia


I have always found the dynamic with my father extremely difficult, and now in my 40’s, I had decided to ‘no longer look for his approval’. This is great, but I didn’t realise there was still so much more understanding to be had around this situation. The work I have been doing with Pia over the last few months has blown it completely open for me. I have such a different perspective on my family’s dynamic now.

Thanks to Pia I now realise my father is a classic Narcissist. This has been such a revelation! It’s been so transformative for me to realise this and to learn more about what Narcissistic Personality Disorder is, the dynamic this creates in the family, and the impact this has on each family member… and also to see to what a huge extent this has affected me & my relationships. I never quite realised.  

I now see my family’s dynamic with such clarity... this has given me confidence & strength but also compassion. I can now navigate my family without getting sucked in to the old pattern... and all of the relationships in my life are changing with continued awareness. I am over the moon 🙂

San Francisco, USA


Pia is simply a great facilitator, very professional and emphatic. She has all the qualities necessary for this work and she knows very well how to go to the depth of the mind. Pia has a great ability to lead a person through a complicated world of parts that we all carry inside. Every session I had with her was very fruitful and resulted in improvements in my life. The reason she is so great as a facilitator is quite simple. She lives and breathes and genuinely loves this work. It is clear that she has done her own deep work throughout her own life and worked on many, many parts of her own, which is quite essential for the facilitator of Voice Dialogue. 

I would, without a doubt, recommend others to work with her. The technique requires some courage and willingness, to be honest to yourself, but the result lasts for the rest of your life. You will start living life to its full potential.

Stepan Galdik.
Prague, Czech Republic


Wow! I knew it was going to be powerful, but honestly, that session blew my mind. I am so, so excited for the coming weeks and what parts will be revealed to me. Already I have made such peace with the prominent part that revealed itself in the session. Pia, you are incredible at what you do and I just want to thank you for your sensitivity and your wise and caring guidance through that very evocative session. I now understand why you and your work come so highly recommended. Thank you.

Luke G.
Brisbane, Australia


I feel very fortunate to have worked with Pia. The work saved my life and my marriage. I was in a very dark place when a friend suggested I contact Pia. I had a porn addiction for years, and it had huge implications on not only me but also my wife and for the matter everything else in my life. I had lost the ability to connect with the simplest pleasures in life. When I finally got the ultimatum from my wife, I decided to seek help from professionals but to no avail. I wasted a lot of time and money. That all stopped when I started to work with Pia.

I am very thankful that my path crossed with Pia and her work. In being committed to attending weekly sessions with her, I soon realised that my addiction had nothing to do with sex. My addiction was the catalyst to open the door to the underlying issues that were driving the behaviour. I don’t know why Parts work is not a method psychologist, and other professionals are implementing in their clinics. Trust me; it is a powerful yet gentle method that will quickly move and shift things. I am also grateful for Pia’s skills and sensitivity in navigating me through the deep shame and guilt I lived with being a porn addict. She has an exquisite well of life wisdom, a wicked sense of humour and has the biggest heart. I am happy to report that I no longer need porn and I am closer to my wife that I have ever been. The “old me” is long gone. Through the work with Pia, I found the part of me, that made me the person I am today. The real me.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Working with Pia has given me the opportunity to come back to myself, to help me make decisions, coming from my own inner knowing.

I had really hit a wall. I had just come back from travelling around the world, thinking, that was where I was going to figure it all out, that was where I was going to find my purpose, my passion, and my place in the world, and instead I returned with a deep emptiness, this feeling like I had failed myself because I didn’t find the answers that I set out in search for.

By working with Pia, I learnt how to see past my own inner blockages and most of all, to really come back to me and accept my vulnerability, to love the sore spots that I have been hiding from and how to better express myself through them.

Pia herself as a facilitator has such a nurturing and honest mannerism, she really is someone I have so much trust in, someone that I get so much support from and someone I have so much respect for. I truly couldn’t be more grateful for the time and the energy she has given to me, helping me to see that there actually is light at the end of this crazy tunnel. So grateful.

Perth, Australia


Pia, thank you for the time we have worked together. It has changed my life! I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone, because you’re incredibly skilled at what you do. It’s because you have such a connection. It’s the connection you make with people that allows us to feel safe and trusting. Without that we wouldn’t open up, we wouldn’t get in touch with what we need to get in touch with, to heal us.

I hear your responses and the way you summarise everything so that you’re actually educating. You’re an educator; you’re a teacher, you’re teaching at the same time as you’re helping. And I think that’s why I have so much faith in it too. I know how much work you’ve done, how many other therapies, how many other disciplines and things you’ve worked at, for you to be so passionate and have such a great belief in this work.

Because of all the work that you’ve done up until now, all that has given you the experience and the skills, to enable you to do this work, to the extent that you do it, with the skill that you do it. You’re being fuelled by some higher being, a greater energy. Thank goodness you did it, thank goodness you’re here

Rosie Wilson.
Sydney, Australia