We all are yearning for pleasure. Our physiology, psychology and our ego all seek instant gratification. Aspect Illumination Method (or AIM) helps to short-circuit these default patterns.

As a culmination of my life’s work, AIM helps you to get to a point where you become Soul directed – not ego directed.

After a lifetime of studying an array of Eastern wisdom and Western sciences, AIM is a distillation of three of the most potent and all-encompassing methods: Voice Dialogue, Somatic Mindfulness, and The Human Journey, which form the heart of AIM.

Not only are these methods ridiculously simple and easy to absorb, but they also work on every fibre of our Being.

Voice Dialogue

Discover the ‘selves’ that are running your life.

Based on the work of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, Voice Dialogue is a method for learning about, contacting and working with our sub-personalities, or “Selves”, that reside in each of us, often in polarity.

Somatic Mindfulness

The stresses of life can lead to emotional and physical illness if we don’t manage them right.  So how do we regulate our nervous system in a simple and effective way?

The Human Journey

In the mythology of different cultures from around the world, there are several versions of the “Hero’s Journey”.

The difference between the Hero’s Journey and the Human Journey, as explained through my Aspect Illumination (AIM), is that in the Human Journey, the Dragon must not be slayed. It must be loved. This is because when we learn to love our shadow sides, we enter into a state of Being – the state where life is Created.